Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taking a Break

Salam and hi. What? I haven't written any entries since August 2nd? Unbelievable! I should be marking term papers for my students but I need to get away from it just for a few minutes. There's so much to tell and let's see what to mention first. I went to KL yesterday to attend a departmental meeting. I promised myself not to spend so much but the moment I entered Kinokunia, I went berserk! Luckily I managed to control myself and just bought 2 books. One is for my class reference and the other is Love, Eat, Pray! It's a wonderful novel which has been made into a motion picture recently. I wonder if I could still catch it on the big screen or I just have to get a CD.
Anyway, I stopped by Auntie Annie's place and bought 12 huge pretzels. My kids just love them! I think if I really sit down and follow the recipe, I could actually make them or even sell them! Maybe I will try that after we move into our new home. Speaking of that, our new house is almost a 100 percent ready. We are just waiting for the electricity to be installed. After that we have to wash the floor and have a small feast or housewarming gathering. I can't wait.
Early this month my niece got married and the wedding was held in the kampung. It was a wonderful ceremony where I had a chance to meet many of my relatives and friends. I guess we have to wait for a long time to have another big gathering like that because my nephew (the Malaysian side that is) said he needs between 8 and 10 years to establish his career. My kids are also still too young.
Najla had another tooth pulled last night while I was in KL. Steve said she refused to have her 2 teeth filled. I asked her why this morning and she said, "I want to do it with Mak". Isn't that sweet? Speaking of Najla, she is no longer enrolled in a kinder garden because she said she knows everything that is being taught there already. In the beginning we sent her to the nursery just to play with the younger kids but at the beginning of this month she requested to go to Mak Bedah's hous. Kak Bedah is our good friend cum baby sitter for the rest of the kids before. I guess she's happy there helping Mak Bedah and watching TV whenever she pleases.

On Tuesday Steve brought home a lot of novels which we have ordered from the Scholastic Book Club. I think more than half of them are Yasmin's. She's really "wild" reading them now. Harris, Hannah and Najla also got a few books each. I wonder where we are going to put all the young adult novels we have. Since Danial is staying in the hostel, he didn't get to order any. I hope he'll find something he likes from Yasmin's selection.