Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The weather doesn't look too promising today. I hope the rain will stop poring just for a few days. Well, I am not complaining because it would be terrible if we do not get any rain at all. I am sure rubber tappers were so excited last month because the price of rubber has shot up really high. I wonder if this is God's way of telling those who stole rubber to STOP stealing! How? By pouring lots of rain so much so that the rubber tappers cannot tap their rubber trees and consequently no latex to be stolen! But unfortunately, it is bad for the tappers also. I hope they are patient with the "test".

Well, that's not my real worry. I guess I am selfish because I am more worried about my son and his friend. Danial is scheduled to come back from Johor sometime today and I really hope that the bus he takes will not be in any danger. I hope the driver will have some sense to stop and not play a "macho man" by plowing through the flood. All I can do now is to say my prayers for his safe return. Insya Allah.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blessing in Disguise

I never thought I would see the day that Harris can actually sit for hours to read! I am so grateful and excited that it finally happened. Danial and Yasmin are definitely crazy about reading and Hannah is beginning to follow their footsteps too. Sometimes Hannah reads while walking and I hope she will not fall doing that. Anyway, back to Harris. He is so addicted to the computer games and it really worries me. A week ago he did something that was really upsetting to me and I banned him from the games for one whole week. I guess out of boredom he started playing outdoors with my neighbor's son everyday after school. Then at night he picked up a book by Anthony Horowitz's the Power of Five series and he fell in love with it. He finished the Evil Star in 4 days! For Harris to be able to read a 240-page book that fast is really a record time! If Danial or Yasmin did that it would not be unusual. It is so true that computer games are really stealing our kids' valuable time. I do not want to be left behind so as to go against the technology but I guess everything has its draw back. Though his one-week ban has been lifted yesterday, I am pleased to see that he still read the 3rd book of that series last night. He told me that Horowitz is definitely his favorite author for now. I even took a picture of him reading (below) as a proof :)