Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I really envy people who can write well and they make writing  such an effortless activity.  I often found myself with so many ideas but when I sit in front of a computer nothing comes out.  I guess my ideas like to sit in my brain because it's so comfortable up there.  Come on ideas!  Come out.

I went through my blog list and noticed that a few of my fellow bloggers have not been writing for quite sometime also.  My guess is, either work or FB or both have taken up much of their time.  That's what happened to me.  Now that I don't have classes to deal with, I better force my brain to cooperate.  Lately, I found myself becoming less attracted to post events on my FB.  I used to take my camera everywhere I went and snapped just about anything I saw so that I could post them in my FB.  But after a while it gets old.  I started thinking who cares what I did or saw or ate anyway!  It makes me think that what I did was so trivial and nothing could be learned from any of them.  Then I decided, if I don't have anything worthwhile to post, I better not do it (well, not too often anyway).

Two of my daughters love to write.  In fact they have participated in a few writing competitions and they even won a couple of times.  One of them used to have a blog but somehow she closed it!  I still do not know the exact reason for her to take that drastic step.  Anyway, the other one asked me if she could write in my other blog which has been abandoned for so long.  I think I am going to hand it over to her.  I hope both of them will be famous writers someday.


5ySs said...

Hoping to read more posts from you ;D

MM said...

Salam. I was excited last month and suddenly, the mood to write left me. I hope it'll come back real soon :-) Happy Ramadhan.