Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Morning is the best time for me.  I really enjoy my morning drive to work because there is no jam and I get to listen to my favorite radio station, IKIM FM.  Then I get to continue listening to it online in my office! Listening to this channel really helps putting my life into perspective.  Sometimes we are so caught up in our busy lives and we tend to lose our focus and priority.  Every so often we all need to step back and look into our routines.  We have to constantly be grateful of what we have rather than wanting for things we don't have.  Well don't get me wrong.  It's good to have ambition, wish and what not but do not forget to say thank you for what we have so that we do not feel stressful all the time.

I wonder how many of us look around and take notice of the sun that still shines, the trees that provide oxygen for us or the rivers that flow and provide the most essential ingredient for our lives - water!    Normally we are too busy complaining of not enough time, money, etc.  For example, last week I ran into someone in the elevator who was complaining about being tired after sending her kids to the caretaker and school and then had to come to work.  Just stop for a second and think of how many people out there who do not have children and are willing to give anything to have them.  Or what about those unemployed people who would do anything to get a permanent job like us. 

It reminds me of what my ustaz said that we must always compare ourselves to the less fortunate in order to feel great at all time.  I guess age changes my way of thinking and looking at things.  So if we want to experience true freedom and happiness, never forget to be grateful..


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