Monday, June 25, 2012


Every once in a while I thought of acquaintances  or friends whom I met sometime in my life - on the plane, at a university, at a seminar, etc.  Sometimes I can't help but wonder what happens to any of these people.  If we are lucky, our paths cross each other at the least expected time or place.

Last evening we invited a friend who is about to leave this country for Indonesia.  She will be teaching somewhere in the Java Island beginning next month.  The last time we invited her to our house was when we had a house warming gathering.  At that time she had just arrived in Kuantan for a few weeks.  I thought of meeting and doing activities more often with her considering that she is "alone" in Malaysia.  As usual, each one of us get caught up with so many things in life and forgot about our noble intention.  All of a sudden, there is no more time to do anything except to have her for a few hours before she leaves for good.  I suppose we could visit her in Indonesia or she could come to Kuantan during her breaks.  But, what are the chances for that to happen?  Only Allah knows.

Anyway, we had a great time eating soft-shelled  Tacos with watermelon cubes and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I hope we can visit each other in the cyber world and that she will not be one of those in my "wondering what happen to 'em" list.  Good luck and enjoy your new experience Melanie.


atira said...

Salam aunty, i guess i should be calling you aunty and i hope i'm right :) u've replied my question on ustaz amin's blog kan? Thank you sgt. Now i know. Just wondering. Thank u again :) and about this particular post, yeah i've been in the same sit where i intend to meet up with my old friends, but sbb busy dgn study so x dapat or terlupa. But lets just hope the bond will always be intact insyaAllah. :D

Family Memoirs said...

Salam Atira. Sure you can call me aunty. It's nice to "meet" you :-)