Thursday, June 14, 2012


Time flies faster than a bullet!  Without realizing it, it has been been exactly 6 months since I wrote my last entry.  At that time Danial had just finished his SPM exam and last Monday he enrolled at UM.  My son is a college student!  I felt really different when we parted this time because it is a huge milestone for us.  It is another reminder that my life is getting shorter before I have to meet my Creator.  It sounds morbid but that's reality folks.  The same week that Danial enrolled at UM, the school holiday for the other kids started so the whole family got a chance to send him to register.  Just as he finished his orientation with the UM matriculation program, he was offered to join the Japanese matriculation program which happens to be located at UM campus also.  I guess he was lucky to go through 2 orientation programs in 2 weeks :-)  I wonder if he thinks the same way.

So much for Danial, let's see what happened to the other kids..  All in all it was a very productive school holiday.  Najla and Hannah were enrolled in a holiday program for the 1st week of the break and both of them really enjoyed it.  Hannah went to Johore for a public speaking and "khat" competition during the 2nd week.  She was there for 3 days and as soon as the competition was over, she hopped on another bus to go to KL for her school trip to Petro-Sains and a few other places.  The same day that Hannah left for Johore, Yasmin went to Penang for a 3-day leadership program.  On Friday, the day that Hannah and Yasmin got back from their trip, I took Najla to KL to attend an award ceremony at IIUM.  It was supposed to be for Danial and Yasmin for getting good results in their SPM and PMR exam respectively.  Neither of them could attend the ceremony.  Everybody seemed to have some planned program except for Harris.  He kept himself busy playing ping pong and badminton with his friends who happen to be our neighbors too.  They played until very late at night.

As for the parents?  Huhuhu, we had to do a lot of grading and marking exam papers!  Alhamdulillah, it's all behind now and that's why I have time to update my long-abandoned blog.

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